The PayLive Exit

The PayLive Payment System is functionally complete, tested, documented, and operational. PayLive is looking to find a buyer for this product, the technology, the patentable trade secrets, the physical operation, in whole, for use in one of the following possible scenarios:

1) Purchase by a company for implementation as a fallback payment method integrated into their existing proprietary NFC based systems. Payment systems such as Apple Pay or Google Pay are constrained by their phone's proprietary NFC technology, limiting them to deliver payment services only to their phones, iPhones or Androids. PayLive can be integrated into these existing payment systems permitting them to now offer a seamless and transparent fallback payment ability to their competitor's phones.
The two big companies in the payment industry today, Apple or Google could then support all smartphones used in the world today. This enlarged customer base would enable them to increase their capability to acquire customer's buyer analytics by 80 to 100%. That is an enormous increase in potential analytics and its associated monetary value.
Other payment companies, not currently in the in-person retail payment spectrum, might want to get into this field to broaden their foothold in the industry. Such companies might be PayPal, Square, or Stripe.

2) Purchase by a companies not currently in the payment industry but who are heavily invested in comprehensive customer analytics. Such a company might be effectively collecting deep analytics on all facets of citizen activity but missing the fourth corner of the square, the detail buying activity of the citizen population they otherwise know a lot about. This could be a company like Facebook or Amazon. By purchasing PayLive they could now complete their comprehensive analytics profile about a person by now tracking the buying patterns of their enormous customer base.

3) Purchase by a company for implementation as a competing payment product in the current retail industry today. This could be a domestic company or more probably an international buyer wanting to implement a payment system overseas, in Europe, or Asia.

Please contact us if you have any contacts in these areas or can help us find the connection in the financial payment industry that we are seeking.