The Merchant's View

The retail seller, the merchant, is the PayLive customer. They are the big beneficiaries of the PayLive product. PayLive makes it possible for the seller to make more unit sales as they move more buyers through the purchase process in less time, providing happy customers and gaining increased revenue.

PayLive is innovative by design. It is literally a bolt-on, drop-in solution to the seller's existing POS software. Seller's will embrace and adopt PayLive because no changes to their existing Credit Card Provider or Gateway are required- they simply gain a more convenient option for payment. With virtually no startup hurdles, sellers can focus on the benefits- faster payment processing, more buyer pass-throughs per POS location, a great buyer experience- all resulting in repeat customers and increased re-occurring revenue. Of course PayLive maintains full support for the legacy credit cards at the sellers credit card reader when that is the buyer's choice.

PayLive provides to the seller’s customers, their buyers, what they truly value:
   - Easier and faster credit card purchases.
   - Security by reducing the chance and occurrence of lost or stolen cards.
   - Protection from fraudulent use of the buyer’s credit card.

Using their smartphone for purchases the buyer feels more protected, more in control, more effective in their busy day. This is a positive buying experience. The PayLive purchase experience motivates the buyer to return to shop here again. The result is a direct increase in reoccurring revenue for the seller, the PayLive customer.